Every weekday morning at 10AM, join the Peak's Rob Arrow for the 10 @ 10! Rob plays 10 great songs from one great year completely commercial free. It's a great way to start your workday and Rob always has lots of musical surprises, so you never know just what he'll dust off next! We also offer the 10 at 10 replay - every weeknight at 10PM.

To search the last week's worth of playlists for The Peak's "10 @ 10," just go the the "Recently Played" feature in the upper right hand corner of the main page of the website. Then select the day you want to search and scroll down to 10AM or 10PM to see what Rob played. Click here to visit directly.

Of course, you can always email us in the studio and we'd be happy to help you locate a song you heard!

The 10 @ 10 is brought to you by
Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar